Mediation News
October 2018

Mueller presides over last peer mediator swearing-in ceremony

RACINE — An approximately 24-year tradition came to an end last week as Racine County Circuit Court Judge Emily Mueller presided over her last swearing-in ceremony for Racine Unified peer mediators. read


Ferris wheel lawsuit heads to mediation

GREENEVILLE — A federal lawsuit stemming from a Ferris wheel accident at the Greene County Fair in 2016 is going to mediation. read


Mediators work to bring closure to conflicts, restore balance in relationships

SCOTTSBLUFF — Hundreds of cases of mediation are closed each year by Mediation West, which works with agencies throughout the Panhandle to resolve a variety of issues between interested parties. read


The AU's Mediation Support Unit is slowly taking shape

The African Union (AU) has started setting up a Mediation Support Unit (MSU) at its headquarters in Addis Ababa. This is to support the various efforts across Africa to make peace. read


Firms cite law in Missouri boat accident, seek mediation

Two companies facing multiple lawsuits over a summer tourist boat accident in Missouri that killed 17 people have invoked an 1851 law that allows vessel owners to try to avoid or limit legal damages as they also seek settlement negotiations with victims' family members. read


Conflict Intervention Service: How an Innovative Mediation Program Prevents Evictions

A critical element of the City of San Francisco’s war on homelessness is to prevent eviction whenever possible. In 2016, the city tapped the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) to develop a housing mediation pilot program, which led to the creation of the Conflict Intervention Service (CIS). read


China's role as a conflict mediator is growing fast. Here's why

The increase in Chinese mediation activities began in 2013, the year that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was launched. read


Inside the mind of the mediator

After 20 years of brutal civil war, the rulers of Arcadia and the rebels are ready to consider laying down arms. The mediation team needs a leader and – for some reason – your name is chosen. Do you have what it takes? Take our quiz to find out... read


Two charged with murder get mediation

A couple charged with murder in the death of their 20-year-old son will have their case sent to mediation. Each are charged with one count of murder after their son, Logan. Logan had Down syndrome. read


Mediation effort being undertaken on Riverton hospital; 300 at latest meeting

RIVERTON — “We have a problem. Not a problem of our own creation,” longtime Riverton physician Richard Sorenson of Riverton said Monday night to a gathering of approximately 300 people assembled at Central Wyoming College. read


All Things Real Estate: Don't ignore lawyer's letter requesting mediation

Your Realtor gave you good advice. At least in California, the standard purchase agreements most Realtors use are published by the California Association of Realtors and contain a mediation requirement prior to filing a lawsuit. read


Prosecution follows rape case mediation

China: A procuratorate in Lushan county, Henan province, initiated public prosecution of a teenage rape suspect on Tuesday, in the wake of a huge public uproar over an earlier announcement that the two families involved reached a settlement through the procuratorate's mediation efforts. read


Chair-ity Fundraiser helps Common Ground Mediation

COOS BAY — Common Ground Mediation will celebrate their 20th anniversary through the revival of the Chair-ity Fundraiser. 20 wooden school chairs donated by Eastside Elementary School have been decorated by an array of community artists and will be sold via auction. The proceeds will help meet a $10,000 match grant. read


Ex-Louisville basketball players enter mediation with NCAA in lawsuit

After progress stalled in a lawsuit filed against the NCAA by former University of Louisville basketball players, a state court judge on Friday ordered attorneys from both sides to enter mediation in an attempt to resolve the case out of court. read


Aspen Board of Education to hire mediator to explore issues raised by parents

The Aspen Board of Education will hire an outside party to evaluate the school district's operations and approach toward leadership in the wake of mounting criticism leveled by a group of parents. read


Philippines IP Office to begin mandatory mediation

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has announced that all intellectual property cases will be subject to compuloary medication by disputing parties. read


Global leader in international mediation directs new program at Kroc Institute

The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies within the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs launched a mediation program at the beginning of this academic year. The program focuses on building synergy between mediation research, teaching, training, policy and practice and is led by Professor of the Practice of Mediation Laurie Nathan. read

September 2018

Strata Community Mediation Centre to handle high-rise resident disputes

KUALA LUMPUR - A mediating body to handle complaints by residents of high-rise buildings is set to be launched by Oct 1. The Star reports that the Strata Community Mediation Centre has been formed in order to address problems faced by the 1.2 million people in the capital city. read


The Ghost in the Room: Mediation and the Courts

The management of burgeoning civil dockets, budgets, courtroom facilities, scheduling pressures and the occasional good old-fashioned desire to punt on complex dispositive motions, have all played a part in causing courts to claim a vested interest in both mediations and their outcome. read


New Law Requires Advance Mediation Disclosures

Newly-enacted CA Evidence Code section 1129 requires attorneys to notify clients about the confidentiality of mediation proceedings before the clients agree to participate in mediation. Attorneys must provide written notice and obtain a signed acknowledgement. The new law takes effect on January 1, 2019. read


Neighborhood disputes turn into little wars all over the city.

The outrage people feel over these seemingly petty concerns can turn formerly cordial next-door neighbors into next-door enemy combatants. read


Florida 'Best and Brightest' bonus lawsuit heads to mediation

A year-old case contending Florida's "Best and Brightest" teacher bonus program discriminates against educators of a certain age or race is headed to mediation in November. read


Subway restaurant, a sign and a little boy display mediation at its best

A resident who had a problem with a sign at a Catonsville business voiced his concern, and he and the business owner worked out the problem on the spot. read


Community Voices through mediation

As a lawyer and mediator, I’ve seen lots of conflicts. Most people don’t understand what mediation is, just how broadly it can be used, and the range of value it brings to resolving private and public conflicts. read


82 prisoners in La Union, Benguet freed via ‘justice on wheels’ - mediation

The fully air-conditioned EJOW bus has two main sections — the front section that serves as the courtroom and the rear section that serves as the mediation room. read


Neighborhood disputes turn into little wars all over the city. Give peace a chance — through mediation

The outrage people feel over these seemingly petty concerns can turn formerly cordial next-door neighbors into next-door enemy combatants. read


When Choosing the Right Mediator Don't Overlook Implicit, Cognitive Biases

Selecting the right mediator is a critical element to improving settlement outcomes. However, many advocates miss the opportunity to select a mediator who will increase the likelihood of a more favorable settlement. read


Ferris wheel lawsuit heads to mediation

A federal lawsuit about injuries from a 2016 accident involving a Ferris wheel owned by a Valdosta company has been ordered into mediation, according to court documents. Three children in Tennessee were injured after falling from a Ferris wheel owned by a Valdosta firm. read


Strike a Pose: How Body Language Can Aid Mediation

Lawyers are combat-ready when it comes to verbal communication. But we march into some of the most intense communication situations possible—depositions, jury selection, oral arguments, trial and mediation—without even basic training in nonverbal communication. read


All The Players But Mass. Join Housatonic River Cleanup Mediation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and General Electric Co. are funding a new approach to negotiating an agreement on the cleanup of the Housatonic River. Just last week, many of the stakeholders met with an independent mediator. But one key player is choosing not to participate. read


Snezana’s story: From being bullied to ending conflicts at school

Peer mediators in Kosovo (SCR 1244) help keep school safe for everyone read


Toronto Maple Leafs: NHL enter mediation in concussion lawsuit

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the rest of the league watch on with interest, as the concussion lawsuit involving the NHL and former players enters mediation. read


Why mediation trumps suits in settling marriage disputes

There is a rising rate of divorce in Kenya and globally, as couples rush for annulment before exploring other options available to them. There are some marital issues that can be solved without getting into a hostile and dramatic court process. read


Mediation: How to resolve issues without wasting time and money

“An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!” — Joseph Grynbaum read


Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in Mediation Over Custody Agreement

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are in mediation over their current custody agreement, two years after reaching a divorce settlement. read


Professional mediation can help Everglades restoration

Independent mediators – what the researchers call "wetland restoration brokers" – could help navigate the economic and political pressures that make restoring wetlands and other natural resources challenging. read


Mediation, trial set in Camp Warrior dispute

The owners of a Jefferson County summer camp are heading into mediation with the Florida Attorney General's Office over allegations that they took payments from parents and did not refund them when the camp abruptly closed. read


Early mediation leads to better outcomes

A new study from researchers at Singapore Management University (SMU) has identified three crucial factors that influence the likelihood of a case being settled through mediation. read


State agencies seeing unprecedented demand for mediators

Instead of being in their classrooms, many Washington teachers are still on the picket line tonight. With unions and school districts still at odds, often an outsider is needed to bring both groups together. But, the state agency tasked with providing mediators is seeing an unprecedented demand for them. read


Judge orders mediation in fight over Commons Park in Minneapolis

Located across the street from U.S. Bank Stadium, the Commons Park in Minneapolis fills more than four acres of green space. While the park opened in 2016, it’s been at the center of a lawsuit for the past five years. read


Hey, Can We Talk? Mediation Might Help Reduce Evictions

When San Franciscans find themselves in conflict with a landlord, renter, roommate or neighbor, they’ve always had an option to avoid legal combat: mediation. So far, however, mediation has been used mainly to settle disputes short of tenant-landlord Armageddon — eviction. read

August 2018

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Get Free Mediation Counseling Against Lenders

NEWARK, NJ - A new state program will offer mediation counseling services to New Jersey residents facing foreclosure, giving them at least a fighting chance when going up against lenders during the legal process. read


Lewandowski lawsuit against neighbors could be resolved through mediation

A former campaign manager for President Donald Trump indicated Monday that he might be willing to drop a lawsuit he filed against his neighbors in Windham.  The dispute involves use of an easement during garage construction read


What Can Advisors Do When Family Disputes Threaten Client Wealth?

Expensive lawsuits or standoffs that damage businesses the family is arguing about can threaten the very work you’ve done over time. You’ve tried to preserve wealth and keep families on track. They can ruin your best efforts. read


Mediation 2018: Trends & Conclusions

Mediation has solidified its position as an ADR mechanism for commercial conflicts in several jurisdictions, thanks partly to the now “indescribably expensive” fees associated with litigation and arbitration globally. read


Promoter-investor disputes may be solved by mediation

Although most transaction documents specify arbitration as the preferred mode of dispute resolution, mediation is also worthy of consideration for a speedy and affordable resolution. read


USA Gymnastics president: mediation with Nassar survivors

USA Gymnastics President Kerry Perry said representatives for both the organization and athletes who were abused by Nassar — a former national team doctor who abused hundreds of women under the guise of medical treatment — met last week. Perry called the mediation talks “not only productive but continuing to move us down the path of resolution.” read


This iconic UN mediator became the first black person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize

On this day in 1904, iconic African-American diplomat, civil rights activist, academic and political scientist Ralph Bunche was born in Detroit, Michigan. read


Judge asks lawyers to consider allowing mediator to step in for dispute over police tapes

A possible solution to resolve a dispute in South Bend over police tapes. A judge is now asking lawyers for the South Bend Common Council, mayor and several police officers to consider allowing a mediator to step in. read


Marin County fine tunes mediation law to encourage cities to follow

With several Marin cities and towns considering adopting a mandatory mediation law similar to the county’s, supervisors this week moved to fine-tune the ordinance. read